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 Planning Ahead” Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Plan Ahead?

   ~Planning  ahead is an excellent opportunity to have the matters in order before 

 the death occurs. At the time of death, things can move very quickly and with a lot of emotion. Planning ahead gives peace of mind. Most of the questions are answered, and most of the arrangement process is completed.


Can I pre-pay Janazah Services L.L.c. for the funeral?

   ~No.  Pre-paying in Funeral Service requires portions of the pre-paid money 

 to be held in specific accounts, and some of those funds will grow interest, or riba, which is forbidden in Islam. We have designed the Planning Ahead Program to fit the needs of the Muslim without entering into forbidden interests and dealings while still helping families prepare ahead of time and take advantage of some available discounts.


Who qualifies for the Planning Ahead Program?


~A nyone who wants to plan ahead in order to prepare for the death of a 

 loved one can enter into the program. This includes Hospice Patients, children planning for their elderly parents, the husband or wife, the brother or sister of a loved one who is terminally ill, those with a life threatening condition, such as a heart patient, persons who have had a stroke, and parents of a child who was born with a  life threatening congenital or developmental disability that endangers their life.


 Should I pre-pay for my Gravesite?

   ~Maybe.  Depending on the cemetery used, some cemeteries will offer a 

 pre-payment purchase price and an after death purchase price. Usually these are the corporate owned cemeteries. It might be beneficial for some families to contact these cemeteries.


Why is there a pre-payment amount and an after death cost for cemetery space?

   ~This  is designed similar to pre-paying for a funeral service, so that a 

 certain amount of money goes into an interest bearing account, which should mature and grow a substantial amount of interest over time.  Another portion of the money becomes available for immediate working capitol for cemetery operations and improvements, or purchase of equipment (for example.)


On t he reverse, this can allow for a substantial savings for the 

  purchaser, as the cemetery can not dictate when the service and space 

 can be used. Theoretically, a person could purchase a grave space the day before the death has occurred and utilize it the next day after the death has occurred.


 My chosen cemetery does not offer pre-payment plans at a savings, what should I do?

~ It depends on your specific situation. It may be best to simply put some money aside for burial and pay at that time.


I did not have time to pre-purchase my cemetery space, and now my loved one has passed away.  What should I do?  

~Call us. We might know someone who has pre-purchased cemetery space, or know someone working at the cemetery who can help out.


Can Life Insurance pay for the funeral or grave space?  

   ~Probably  and maybe. Call us to discuss it. We have been successful in the past 

 generating these funds for funeral service related expenses.


My question is not here. What should I do?

~ Email or call us. Please call during normal business hours (9am-6pm) unless a death has occurred.